How to Wear a Suit the Right Way

Want to own the room as soon as you walk in?  Nothing impresses like a confident strut  in a perfectly fitted suit.  Unfortunately, fashion is a lost art on many men but that’s nothing you need fret over.

If you want to learn how to wear a suit the right way, it starts with understanding all components of the suit.  When you’re ready to work on that perfect fit, you need to pay attention to every aspect of the suit and how it contours to your body.  A suit should never just “hang” on the shoulders.. as usually happen when trying on a suit at your average retail clothing outfitter.

parts of a suitParts of the Suit

Shoulders – A good suit should hug your shoulders and hold you firmly, in a friendly way.. like your favorite girl.

Collar – The collar should rise up about halfway on the shirt’s collar.  Any space between the two is called “collar gap” and considered a poor fit.

Gorge – Where the lapels meet to create a V is the gorge.  Shorter men should get fitted with a high-gorge and tall men with a low-gorge.

Lapel – Nothing defines a suit louder than the lapels.  Slim lapels are great for a contemporary look while larger lapels appeal to the hipsters.

Pocket – Wear your top pocket square to bring attention to your chest and away from the belly.

Sleeve – Think about width.  Have sleeves tailored to remove excess fabric for a more sculpted look.

Buttons – Three can be risky but you can’t go wrong with two.  Fool-proof low buttons build a long, slim look.

sleeve-buttonsSleeve Buttons – These should be functional as well as decorative.  Leave a button undone if the suit was custom tailored for you.  It won’t look right otherwise as sleeve buttons are designed to contribute to the slimming look of the jacket.  Four buttons are the more traditional look for sleeves but three is fine.

Jacket Pockets – Straight pockets are considered to be more traditional though slant pockets (slight upward angle) are a fine choice.  Straight pockets tend to favor bigger guys.

Flaps – Classic look.  Great look.

Trousers -Your pants should be trim with a flat-front and make sure they stop at the tops of your shoes.

Tie – It’s often the first item noticed.  Keep it classy and bold and allow it to tie the rest of your outfit together.  The tip of your tie should end at your belt-line.  No longer.  No shorter.

Watch – Every fitted suit should have a timeless accessory.  Don’t skimp on the watch.  Consider a vintage model to finish out your look.

Shoes – Every man should own a pair of black lace-ups.  Real dress shoes have leather soles.  Anything less for this outfit is unacceptable.  Dressshoes should be as contoured as your suit.  Stay away from square toes.

Completing the Look

A well-tailored suit will give you confidence like nothing else in your wardrobe.  Don’t go it alone.  Get a tailor and make sure you own at least one expensive and perfectly fitted suit.

If you’re wearing your suit out for a special evening with your special lady, there’s a good chance the date will be cut short.  If you’re looking for a lady, you may be surprised at how much more attention you’ll receive in a well-fitted suit.

You dressed the part now play the part.  Go on over and strike up a conversation.

Walk tall, stand at attention and control the space you exist in.  Immediately take an interest in others and maintain eye contact in all conversations.  That’s what is expected from the guy with the best suit in the room.

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    A lot of guys were getting it wrong. The thing I always noticed from the other guys is the shirt, it should be 1 inch longer than sleeve. This was a great write up!