Man’s fascination with PVC pipe has forever stood the test of time. PVC is cheap, durable and lightweight.

Last summer, I crafted a compressed-air rocket launcher out of PVC with my four-year old son. It’s provided endless hours of entertainment, shooting paper rockets a few hundred feet in the air. The cost? Less than $30 total.

Today, we’re putting the toys away and organizing the garage. Here’s five very easy and clever ways to make a PVC tool holder and reclaim lost work space.

pvc holder for pegboardHave a pegboard in your garage?

Here’s a clever way to cut your PVC pipe and attach it to a pre-cut 2×10 board that hangs on your pegboard.

Don’t have a pegboard?  Since the PVC is flush against the wall, you could just as easily screw these PVC attachments directly into the wall and use them for just about any kind of small tool storage.

If you need a good pegboard, we suggest a galvanized steel pegboard for a low-priced alternative that will last much longer than a traditional pegboard.

pvc small tool holder

Have a few long pieces of PVC left over from a project?  By cutting them in three-inch strips and putting an angle on top, here’s another creative idea for organizing the small tools in your work space.

PVC screwdriver holderScrewdrivers have the worst reputation of being lost when you need them most.

With only three pieces of PVC, here’s a PVC screwdriver that will sit nicely on your workbench.

Simply drill as many holes as needed in your long piece of PVC and custom create this holder to your desired specifications.

PVC Rake Holder

Shovels and rakes taking up too much space in your garage?  Here’s two easy PVC creations that will keep them out of the way and in their place.

pvc shovel holder

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