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roadkill squirrelIn these days of proficient fiscal planning and money saving alternatives, it’s all about exploring creative options to get ahead. While your lady is cutting and clipping coupons to help keep your wallet fat, you can take it to the next level.

While saving money is important, the hunter-gatherer in you will enjoy treating your family to a free dinner chocked full of meaty chunks and savory goodness.

Roadkill is everywhere. Even if the streets are clean, your next dinner is often only a swerve away.

If roadkill doesn’t sound appealing at first mention, toss it around a little bit (we couldn’t resist). We’re not talking about two-day old cat that you can barely scrape off the road but a fresh fat squirrel who just got hit before you rounded the bend and saw him.

There’s also rabbit, beaver, fox, deer, moose, elk and a host of other meaty animals that cross the road at inopportune times.

Roadkill dinner isn’t about sport but rather, opportunity. It’s putting that box of tuna helper on hold for another night, while you and yours delight in the meaty morsels of a rodent who made a wrong-turn.

Maybe you’re a single man on the move?  If so, learning to prepare a roadkill meal might be considered even more beneficial.  When money is a scarce resource, learning to live like Grizzly Adams has it’s advantages.

Read on to learn the rules of the roadkill meal.

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