can opener tipEver bought an item with a molded plastic encasing that seems nearly impossible to open?

These plastic packages are known as “Blister Packs” and are meant to deter theft while providing an inexpensive method of packaging for the manufacturing company.

You probably know them better from a few creative terms spewed forth during the frustration of trying to open one of these packages.

Most people will resort to scissors for opening a blister pack and that’s a respectable solution. However, scissors are often one of those household items that often seem hard to find and that may result in you trying to find an alternative. Furthermore, scissors don’t do the best job. You’re left with a messy package that you’re still trying to pry apart with your fingers. For individuals with arthritis, this is especially difficult and frustrating.

A far more effective (and rather creative) solution is to use a can opener to open a blister pack. This is a safer alternative to scissors and an item that is always on-hand. After running a can-opener down the seam, you’ll find the package easily separates.

If those reasons aren’t enough, you’ll find that it’s just a great party trick and everyone will thank you for showing them how to finally open one of those damn plastic packs. It’s manly and cool.

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