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Guys love toys.  While we appreciate the occasional sweater and Christmas tie, what really gets us revved up is being on the receiving end of something unique and innovative.  Men are braggarts by nature and while we sometimes attempt to suppress our natural tendencies, we simply can’t resist showing off the latest technology or flashing the latest cool gadgets.

Here’s ten gifts that can give to any guy and guarantee that he’ll be the first on the block with one.

ZecOO Electric Motorcycle

ZecOO Electric Motorcycle 

This electric bike answers the question of “how to look cool on a moped”.

It gets up to 75 mph so you’ll be able to zip around the city with plenty of speed.  Gas mileage?  It boasts 60 to 85 miles on a single, 6 hour battery charge.

Unfortunately, it has a starting cost of just over $100,000.  It might take a while to recoup your savings but you’ll never look cooler.

zecOO Motor

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