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Heard of Instagram yet? It’s the newest social networking site that focuses on photo sharing.

Now normally, we wouldn’t give 2 cents about the latest social networking site but since Instagram is owned by Facebook and there’s much coordinated development between the two, the result is a rather pleasing eye-candy store whereby some very famous names stock the shelves.

Today, we’re checking out the athletic hotties because quite possibly, nothing is sexier than a beautiful female who is also a superb athlete. It stirs something within and excites our every sense.

Without further ado, we present the top ten hottest female athletes on Instagram.

Jennie Finch

jennie finch
@jfinch27 – Jennie’s a softball player (pitcher) and thankfully, not of the mold that is often synonymous with female softball players.  She achieved celebrity status while bringing home the gold in the 2004 Summer Olympics and gained even more popularity while claiming a silver medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics.  She retired from the sport in 2010 but still has no problem making our top ten list. 

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