How to Enjoy a Big Meal Guilt-Free

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Food will always bring men together. It’s no secret that guys love to eat. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to a bit of middle-aged spread (or worse) and there comes a time that we have to reel it in and cut back on our love of food.

If you’re a regular follower of the How To Man Guide, you’re already familiar with our post on what it takes to commit to a diet and from reading that, you understand how many calories you need to lose weight.

But what to do when you have a big upcoming get together and you simply want to eat?

Actually, it’s no problem at all.  With a little bit of planning ahead, you can indulge and eat until your heart’s content without gaining any fat at all.

How to Plan For Big Meals

good foodKeep in mind that the result of weight gain or weight loss is caused by an imbalance in homeostasis.  Homeostasis is simply maintaining a stable equilibrium through your physiological processes, which are largely controlled by what you eat.

Eating one larger than usual meal isn’t enough to throw your hormones out of whack.  Weight gain happens from the continual eating of big meals and encouraging hormonal responses to adapt to these consistent changes.

If you’re eating a well-balanced diet and watching what you eat every day, the worst effect one big meal will have is keeping you from dropping weight that week.  That’s still concerning to some, as they’re working out every day and trying to drop weight.

If you fall in the concerned group and still want to enjoy that party, consider a bit of fasting before that big dinner.  It’s as simple as skipping the breakfast you normally eat or the evening meal the night before.  Your preference might even be to skip the first meal of the next day.

Fasting is a word that still scares some people but don’t be put off by it.  It’s a healthy key to successful dieting that you can incorporate into your lifestyle without worry.  You might be surprised to learn that occasional fasting is proven to improve all your health markers and fasting has no negative effects.

The irony is that fasting, followed by indulging, can actually help you to lose weight if only done on occasion.  By incorporating a big meal every couple weeks, you’re letting your body know that there’s no danger of permanently restricting calories.  If you’ve been cutting calories for ten days straight, this signaling can translate to a metabolic boost which will in turn, result in more fat-burning.

The next time you fall off the wagon and give in to that all you can eat buffet, you can focus on the positive of what just happened.  While the tendency is the feel bad and eat even more later on (feeling as though you’ve blown everything), you can now relax and simply skip the next couple meals, knowing that your one cheat meal will ultimately lead to greater weight loss.

By week’s end, the amount of calories remains the same.  If you’ve been eating at a 300 calorie a day deficit, you’re normally eating a 2100 calorie deficit at week’s end.  Enter that big meal of 2,000 calories and skip a couple meals as a trade-off and you’re back at your deficit by week’s end, with hormones triggered to burn more fat.  It’s a win-win.

Enjoy that meal in all it’s guilt-free goodness.  You’re a guy.  You deserve to pig out once in a while.

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  • Jane Mills

    I used to be a fat slob, never exercised right and always ate what I wanted regardless of how bad it was for me. As I got older I realized that life was going to be miserable if I didn’t lose weight and get back into shape, so I started working out and cutting my calories. You can enjoy a big meal if you plan for it and don’t go over your allowed daily calorie consumption. Just don’t overdo it and start eating too much too often.
    Jane Mills recently posted…Nepalese Shilajit 20% Fulvic Acid | 65 GramsMy Profile

    • Man Guide Administration

      Well said, Jane. Could not agree more!