How to Focus on What’s Important When Building Muscle

Building muscle and getting lean is approached far differently today than anytime in the prior century. Ever wonder why?

Were guys like Arnold, Frank Zane and Mike Mentzer not doing a good job in creating a lean physique with a lot of muscle? Quite the contrary, these guys were ripped and shredded to a degree that would make most body builders of today quite envious.

Kind of makes you wonder why so many people count every calorie, go low-carb, and worry about the proper training/rest ratio while living on supplements?
Arnold and friends working out

Today’s muscle builder is focused on all the wrong things. Ask most guys when they looked their absolute best and they’ll tell you about a time when they knew little about nutrition and simply lifted as hard and heavy as they could while leading an active lifestyle.

Mike MentzerAnd therein lies the secret to building muscle, getting lean and superb body conditioning. Lift heavy and run fast to get your best body.

Let the details take care of themselves. If you want to get in the best shape of your life, lift weights, get plenty of rest most of the time, eat healthy most of the time and get moving.

And what of the many people who spend hours a day training? Mike Mentzer insisted that brief, intense periods of training was the best way to build muscle. His personal program consisted of three workouts a week and only lifting 7-9 sets p/ workout.

Mentzer also insisted that carbohydrates needed to consistently be over 50% of the daily diet for best results. So much for a low carb lifestyle!

Over-attention to detail is a common problem today and unfortunately, it detracts from what’s most important in achieving results. Mike wasn’t the only one who believed in a minimalist attitude but there were the classic body builders who achieved greatness while working out several hours a day. But again, we find no mention of low-carb eating or calorie counting fetishes. It was hard work in the gym with a focus on just lifting heavy and trying to figure out how to lift more. This practice consistently turned ordinary men into demigods.

frank-zane2Such a man was Frank Zane. His timeless physique is still the inspiration for experienced body builders and aspiring gym-goers.

Frank’s routine consisted of a couple hours of cardio a week at the very most. He focused very little of cardio and believed in just lifting heavy and doing a lot of abs. His ab routine consisted of 400-1000 ab exercise repetitions.

Zane focused on eating clean but again, he didn’t count how many grams of fat he was getting or shy away from a meal full of delicious carbohydrates.

Want to get big? Train often, eat healthy and understand that this is how to focus on what’s important when you’re building muscle.

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