How to Dress as a Short Man

dress tall when short

Learning how to dress well as a short man takes a special approach. The short guy has to learn how to accentuate the outfit to “dress taller”.

Being “short” isn’t a bad thing but in some social situations, perception can put the vertically challenged man at a disadvantage .

Dressing short has it’s advantages in that material can always be shortened but tall guys needing it lengthened are usually just out of luck. That doesn’t mean the clothing rack is wide open though, as most clothing lines are created with medium to large sized bodies in mind.
sammy davis jrAt 5’3, Sammy Davis Jr. always understood how to “dress tall”

For shirts, look for prints that are proportional to your size. Big prints will make you look shorter. Grab patterns that will make others look vertically and not horizontally. Vertical lines are always a winner.

V-neck sweaters are always a no-no. You want to draw attention upwards such as a dress shirt with a straight-point collar.

Look for a skinny tie to make you longer and slimmer.

Wear pants that sit higher on the waist. They shoul not be too baggy. A short rise makes your leg look longer. A boot cut leg, short rise pant would be the perfect fit. Minimize contrast when accessorizing your pants against your shirt. A stark contrast cuts you in half and makes you look shorter. No cuffs at the bottom either.

Close fit clothing is the best bet for shorter men. Loose clothing creates a boxy look and that’s bad when height is an issue.

A short man can wear an outfit that is identical to a tall man and be dressed completely wrong so don’t make that mistake. Dress for a streamlined look and accentuate your strengths.

And finally, style it up! Creating a unique look is attractive at any height and puts less focus on height and more focus on your personality. Winner winner chicken dinner.

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  • Gypsy-Dharma

    Great tips, but I have one question how does one know if they are considered short or average? Should average size guys try these tips as well?

  • forestborj

    This will give me some confidence in dressing. I also have some ideas for great shoes like a nice pair of smart looking Loake brogues that matches the fit look.
    forestborj recently posted…Top Men Shoe Selections for Autumn Winter season 2013-2014My Profile