How to Make a Manly Cup of Coffee

man drinking coffee

man drinking coffeeCoffee rocks.  It’s one of the world’s most popular commodities, shared by every geographical region in the world.  The coffee bean (which is technically a seed) comes from an evergreen bush that grows to height of 20-30 feet on average.

From the cowboy’s campfire to today’s executive boardroom, coffee has a long tradition of keeping us awake while providing superb flavor. It’s as American as apple pie and baseball.

Making a cup of coffee means more than running some Folgers instant through a pot.  We’re after a superior cup of coffee.  It needs to be strong and smack us upside the face when we take a drink.  Likewise, it needs to have the perfect flavor and that’s never going to happen with any instant coffee.

You don’t need to be riding mule-side along Juan Valdez to make a manly cup of coffee.

Here’s how you can create a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Step 1

coffee choicesBuy the best coffee beans.  Coffee taste is all about aroma and the flavonoids that affect you most are what we’re after.  It’s no secret that all coffees smell differently and your taste may vary greatly from what Starbucks deems as the best coffee.  Flavonoids also contain the cancer-fighting anti-oxidants that make the headlines so rampantly these days.

There’s two different kinds of coffee beans; Arabica and Robusta.  Robusta’s have the most caffeine but Arabica’s are more common (and usually more expensive), as they typically have the best aromas.  Some coffees will have a mixture of both beans.

Sniff all those beans while shopping and experiment with many different kinds.  The beauty of coffee shopping is that the flavor is relative to the smell of the bean.  When you find “the one”, you’ll likely know it an instant.

Step 2

grind coffeeGrind those beans.  If you don’t use a coffee grinder now, you’re simply missing out on the best possible cup of coffee.  Instant coffee is usually freeze-dried (the most common method) for shelf-life and that results in an inferior tasting coffee.

Be sure to only grind what you need, when you need it.  Small, inexpensive grinders works just as well as large, pricey versions.  You only need enough coffee for a cup or two.

Step 3

grinding coffeeControl the size of the grind.  What most people fail to realize is the relation between the size of the grind and the boldness of the coffee.  The size of the grind determines how quickly water passes through the coffee in the filter during brewing.  The finer the grind, the longer it takes for the water to go through and the stronger your cup of coffee.  This equates to longer contact time and better flavor extraction.

Your coffee-maker might have a ‘Bold’ and ‘Regular’ setting.  Use the BOLD setting for finely ground, decaf, flavored, and premium-brand coffees such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Use the REGULAR setting for a standard automatic-drip coffee.

Better yet..  don’t ever use the REGULAR setting.

Step 4

too much coffeeMore is not better.  Coffee-making newbs will often deduce that a better cup of coffee is as simple as dumping more coffee into the filter.  That’s wrong.  Overfilling your coffee filter does not allow room for brewing.

Even worse, adding too much coffee can cause a water overflow which ends up in your cup, making an even weaker cup of coffee.

No Packing. Yet another beginner’s mistake is to pack the grounds (in filters that allow for this). Packing your grounds forms a firm surface that won’t let water pass through. You might end up with light brown water in your cup and that’s just gross.

Step 5

coconut oil coffeeAdd condiments as desired. We urge you not to destroy that perfect cup of coffee with sugar and flavored creamers but some seem to prefer it that way.

A dash of cream is usually just enough to make it perfect. If you prefer something else added, consider about 10g of Coconut Oil. Mother Nature’s most perfect fat is a delicious addition to a cup of coffee and it makes it all the healthier to drink.

Step 6

enjoying coffeeEnjoy your cup of coffee while watching the sun come up.  Too early for you?  That’s another problem you’ve got to work out.  Sitting on your porch and sipping a perfect cup of coffee while watching the sun rise up an wake the world is about as close to a perfect morning as you’re gonna’ get.

Relax your mind for ten minutes and think of nothing but the the flavor before you as it passes through your lips.  If it’s everything you’ve hoped for, you’ve succeeded at making a manly cup of coffee.

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