How to Make a Cheap Raised Garden Bed

Step 3 of creating a raised garden bed

Spring has sprung and it’s the time of year to create a garden.  Raised garden beds are a popular choice for many.  They’re space-saving, easy to maintain and quick to build.  With even a minimal amount of space, a raised garden can yield enough fruit and vegetables to save you several bills at the supermarket.

Building a garden is a step toward a healthier body.. and it’s just a fun weekend project.

Surprisingly, even a small raised garden can end up costing you over $100 after lumber and soil expense.  We’re not interested in spending all of your hard-earned money though, so today’s feature is how to build a raised garden with cinder blocks.

Even a raised garden kit at Lowes will have you spending over $50 for a 48′ x 48′ square.

Using cinder blocks?  There’s really not an easier way to build a garden and the blocks will run you about a $1.50 each.  We used a total of 10 blocks to create our garden.

Here’s how to make your garden out of cinder blocks.

Step 1:  Create a square with you cinder blocks and if you really want to make this project inexpensive, use cardboard for the bottom.

Step 1 of creating a raised garden bed

Step 2: Add soil.. aka: Potting Mix.  The size of your garden will determine the amount of soil needed.  A 4′ x 8′ garden requires about 2 cubic feet of soil.  If you’re not sure how many bags you need, just read the directions on the bag.

Step 2 of creating a raised garden bed

Step 3: Plant and water. That wasn’t so hard, was it? In the end, you’ve got a very nice looking bed that’s as sturdy as any you could build but for far less money. Consider marking your plants with steaks and seed packets or just simply use spoons with permanent marker as we did.
Step 3 of creating a raised garden bed

If this if your first time planting a raised garden, you’ll be amazed at the amount of food that you can harvest from such a small area.  Enjoy those eats!

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  • Peter

    This is fantastic I was just saying today I wanted to make my own organic garden but was not sure what materials I was going to use… guess this solved my problem