How to Make a Home Steamer

Steamed Vegetables

Steamed VegetablesSteaming vegetables is not only a healthy way to eat vegetables but it’s probably the absolute best way to make them taste really great.

If you’re someone who rarely eats vegetables because of the bland taste, it might be time to try steaming your vegetables.  Steamed vegetables with a modest amount of seasoning is often all it takes to create a vegetable lover for life.

From a healthy perspective, steaming allows the greatest amount of antioxidants to remain in your food. These are all the anti-aging, anti-cancer substances that our bodies love.

So what’s a guy to do when his steamer breaks?  Or maybe you’re a college student who’s a bit low on funds but high on desire to add vegetables to your daily college diet?

Fret not.  Here’s a simple way to make a home steamer without spending any money at all. Great tasting veggies are just a half-hour away.

While steamers aren’t terribly expensive, it’s still hard to beat “free”.

To make your home steamer, go through your pots and pans and grab a medium-sized pot, the lid, and your strainer. Everyone has a food strainer tucked away in a cabinet somewhere. College students would have a hard time surviving without one, as they are used to fix the staple of college foods… macaroni and cheese and ramen noodles.

Put a couple inches of water in the bottom of your pan, set the heat to high and dump the noodles in the strainer. Cover with the lid.

Experiment with the amount of time and water needed (evaporation occurs too quickly by using too little water) but keep in mind that the longer you steam your vegetables, the softer they become and the better they will taste. We recommend a full 30 minutes for most vegetables.

Here’s our home steamer. As you can see, there’s not much to it but it will steam food with the best of steamers!
vegetable steamer

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