evil menThe Top 10 Most Evil People in History could arguably contain many evil-doers that didn’t make the cut.  It was actually a difficult task to keep the list at ten.  There’s been a lot of bad guys out there working overtime to prove their worthlessness.

To make the cut, the bad guy had to be pure evil.  His heart had to be black and his soul, deserving of eternal flame.  He had to not give one thought to the possibility of karma and only solely focused on himself and his own “accomplishments” only.

Here’s our list of the ten worst guys in history.

#1:  Adolf Hitler – It was 80 years ago this year that Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.  In his 12 year reign of the Third Reich, he rose to supreme power.  Starting in 1942, Hitler exterminated an estimated six million jews, of which over one million were children, in the most deadly phase of The Holocaust, known as The Final Solution .

While individuals, such as Heinrich Himmler, could be said to have murdered more people, Hitler had the power to stop what became known as the Holocaust.  Without Himmler, Hitler’s influence and end result would have remained the same.  Without Hitler, we probably would not know of Himmler today.  Hitler chose genocide of a nation and even planned it long before being in a position of power.

Hitler shot and killed himself in 1945, as Russians closed in on him.

#2:  Joseph Stalin – Successor to Vladmir Lenin, this evil dictator took power of the USSR and executed millions of Soviet people. He stamped out anyone deemed as a threat to his future in politics in what became known as the Great Purge of Communist Party Member.

He remained in power from 1924 to 1952, naming hiself Premier of Russia in 1941.

Joseph Stalin died in 1953 at 74 years old from a brain hemorrhage.

#3: Pol Pot – Pol Pot isn’t as well known as many dictators but he was every bit as sinister. As leader of the Cambodian Communist Movement, he is responsible for killing over two million of his own people (nearly 25%). He imposed forced evacuation on millions living in the city and forced them into slave labor at nearby countryside fields. These became known as the “killing fields”, as malnutrition and disease spread. Pol Pot only allowed 180 grams of rice per person, every two days.

Like Stalin, Pol Pot ordered death on anyone he saw as a threat to his future.

In 1998, Pol Pot died of a heart-attack after being captured and before being brought to trial on charges.

#4: Heinrich Himmler – Himmler was yet another German “sad excuse for a human being” who helped to kill millions.

He was responsible for internal security of the Nazi Germany and built a unit with a sole purpose of protecting Hitler. The “SS” numbered at only 200 men in 1929 and by 1933, it numbered at more than 52,000 soldiers.

Like Hitler, Himmler was focused on creating a “master race” and maintaining “racial purity”. After being promoted to head of the Gestapo, Himmler took full advantage of “flushing” out impurity by engaging in the murderous extinction of millions.

Himmler was also in charge of all concentration camps in Germany.

Heinrich Himmler committed suicide shortly after being captured in 1945, while in British custody.

#5: Idi Amin – This self-proclaimed third President of Uganda became known as the “Butcher of Uganda” and ruled from 1971 to 1979.  He is estimated to have killed nearly a half-million of his own people, before Ugandan Nationalists forced him into exile.

He died in 2003 of multiple organ failure, while living in Saudi Arabia and still on the run.

#6: Joseph Goebbels – Joseph Goebbels was Adolf Hitler’s “PR Man”, with a job to cast a favorable public image on the ruthless dictator. He accomplished his job by any means necessary and was given permission to do so. He routinely killed and assaulted innocent people and was a master of spreading propaganda among his people.

Goebbels died in 1945, by way of a gunshot to his wife and himself, after he and his wife first poisoned their six children to death.

#7:  Joseph Mengele – Josef Mengele was more commonly known as the “Angel of Death” and was known for using young children as test subjects for inhumane medical experiments in Auschwitz, during Hitler’s reign.

Mengele escaped justice for his crimes (in this world) and evaded capture for 34 years, living as an abortionist after the war, before dying in Brazil of heart failure while swimming at age 67 in 1979.

#8: Benito Mussolini – Benito Mussolini was the Prime Minister of Italy from 1922 to 1943. On a mission to recreate the Romain Empire, he created the Fascism movement (an authoritarian form of political government), which lasted from 1919 to 1921.

Through propaganda, Mussolini was able to take down the former democratic system. Even teachers and newspaper companies were completely controlled and required to swear by an oath of fascism.

Mussolini later struck a deal with Hitler in 1939 that led to the persecution of more Jews. He was known as being ruthless and having a thirst for violence.

Benito Mussolini was captured while seeking exile to Switzerland. He was shot on the spot and his body hung in Milan to be abused by his former people.

#9: Saddam Hussein – The evil Iraq dictator was famously known for the mass murder of those who opposed his political system, supporting terrorism and the torture of just about anyone who disagreed with him.

Saddam Hussein died by way of being hanged in 2006.

#10: Friedrich Jeckeln – As commanding SS General to Hitler (see #4), Jeckeln personally ordered the executions of over 100,000 Jews. The “Jeckeln System” became known as the personally developed extermination technique of Friedrich, whereby Jews would march into a pre-dug pit and lie face down before being shot in the back of the head.

Friedrich Jeckeln was hanged by the neck after the war, in 1946.

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