The deadlift is one of the best overall body exercises for burning fat while increasing strength. It’s a perfect HIIT exercise for raising the metabolism and strengthening your core. It’s also one of the most dangerous lifts to perform.

Here’s how to perform the deadlift without hurting your back.
Deadlift Exercise

1) Grab the barbell at shoulder length with your feet spread apart at a distance slightly more narrow than your shoulders.

2) Perform a reverse grip on the bar with one hand only. Having one grip forward and one reversed allows you to pull more weight without the bar slipping out of your hand.

3) Bend your knees just slightly, allowing the barbell to touch your shins.

4) Lift your chest as high as possible while straightening your back. Do NOT hunch over the bar.

5) Pull with your lower back and hamstrings. Keep the barbell close to your body at all times while lifting and lowering.

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