loose skinLosing body fat can be a most challenging fitness goal. For those working on getting lean and succeeding, there comes a time when lost weight creates new skin folds on the stomach.

How do you know if you have loose skin or fat? That’s a common question from an understandably frustrated dieter that is seeing good results but facing yet another new challenge.

While loose skin is a legitimate problem in some cases, most of the time, your skin folds are fat. Subcutaneous fat is fat that resides just under the skin and it’s often mistaken as skin. Pinch your skin. Is it more than a few millimeters? If so, there’s subcutaneous fat inside.

It’s the most stubborn of body fat to lose but the good news is that while it may be the last to go, it will go with a continued emphasis on your diet to lose weight.

Remember that your skin is a living organ and has great elasticity. It will take time for the skin to “snap” back to it’s original tight state. How long? In some cases, it will happen in a few months. In extreme cases, it can take a few years. Don’t get discouraged though. Once the subcutaneous fat is finally eliminated from your body, the skin will eventually revert back.

Hard work and dedication is the key. Stay away from the skin cream hype. Nothing will impact the tautness of your skin as much as a continued reduced calorie diet, which is also key to losing that last bit of fat when dieting.

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