How to Get a New Polo Shirt at a Great Price

Michael Bastian Polos

Michael Bastian PolosRemember those Polo shirts that were so popular in high school? Well guess what? They’re still just as popular these days and wearing a polo shirt is still a great way to to achieve a smart, casual look. Every guy should own a handful. The Polo should be your “go to” shirt for leisurely summer time activities.

We’ve got some great news for Polo fans. American men’s fashion designer, Michael Bastian, has teamed up with Uniqlo Clothing to sport a new line of Polo shirts that can be had for less than $20! This price point is all the more attractive when considering that you can walk into just about any mall and pay over $50 for a solid-color Polo.

When we first heard the news, we were pretty sure that the pricing model would only sport a few basic models for the low price, with the better looking designs running much higher. We got it wrong and we’re excited to say that there’s a whole slew of great looking new Polos to choose from at $19.90.

See the Polo selection here.

Michael Bastian is featured in a new Uniqlo video, describing his inspiration for the shirts, the smart design concept and the affordable price point.

Product Summary :

Rating : 5
Brand Name : Polo
Product Name : Men’s Shirts
Category : fashion
Price : 19.90
Availability : Available in Stock
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