Getting groomed for the big day? Looking your best means getting fitted for a new suit and learning how to wear a suit. What can we say? It’s fun to outclass everyone else at large social gatherings.

Not having access to a local suit shop is no excuse either. Getting fitted is just a matter of gathering your exact proportions and passing them on to a tailor that can make you look simply outstanding.

Part of this equation requires measuring your inseam and this task occasionally trips guys up. Here’s how to get your inseam measurement and do it right.

Inseam Measurement1) Stand barefoot on a hard floor, with your back to the wall. Move your feet approximately six inches apart and look straight ahead.

2) Pull your man-sack up high with about the same pressure you would feel when sitting in a saddle for a horse ride.

3) Drawing an imaginary horizontal line from the topmost position between your legs, measure to the floor. If someone can assist you with this step, it would be highly beneficial.

4) Step away and step back into position and repeat this process two more times for consistency and accuracy and you now have your inseam.

That’s it! While it may seam seem relatively simple, most guys blow this aspect of wearing a suit with poorly fitted pants that dangle down too low or encourage high water jokes. Don’t be that guy. Getting fitted properly is key to looking and feeling your best when your mingling with a room full of strangers. It’s equally as important when you’re just grabbing a new pair of jeans. Confidence is sexy and with the right fit, so are you.

Now that you know how to get your inseam measurement, make sure you grab the right tie.

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