How to Build Muscle With Brogurt

powerful yogurt

Brogurt is the Yogurt For Men

powerful yogurt
Coming to a Gym Near You

Want to pack on massive amounts of muscle and burn fat at the same time? The all new ‘Powerful Yogurt‘ makes the claim of being the first muscle building yogurt for men. The company insists that their yogurt is built with a healthy body in mind. It’s all natural and great tasting.

Yogurt has the reputation of being one of the best foods for improving digestive function. When you consume non-pasteurized yogurt, you are ingesting a healthy bacteria known as Lactobacillus that helps your body fight fungus related infections.

(Don’t like yogurt? No problem. There’s a Lactobacillus supplement.)

So is Powerful Yogurt all it’s cracked up to be? Well, we do like the fact that it has 25 grams of protein. The company also promotes the zero fat aspect of their yogurt, but honestly.. we could care less about that. People need to eat a good portion of healthy fat every day and fats in yogurt are typically always healthy fats. Fats only become a problem for people that are consuming too many calories every day.

But with only 9 grams of carbohydrate (in their plain brand), it does make for a nice little post-workout meal. The size of Powerful Yogurt is a bit bigger than the average yogurt at 8 ounces but it’s only 140 calories,

Unfortunately, we checked our local stores and couldn’t find anyone who carries the product yet. We’d love to give you our opinion on taste and pricing, but it will have to wait. Maybe you’ve tried it and could let us know?

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