How to Give Without Strings Attached

Open Hands

Open HandsMany people fail to understand the gift of giving. They see personal gain as the ultimate reward and question the intentions of those who go out of their way to please others. “What is his motive?” they’ll wonder, because it’s just too implausible that someone might want to help another without the potential of cashing in on some kind of return.

There is a gift in giving. It extends much further than an obligation to “do unto others”. It’s creating your own opportunity to love. It’s allowing you to participate in the amazing journey of “being human”. Practicing generosity will provide for a return like nothing else in life. Loving another not only enriches your soul but has a “pay it forward” effect that is ongoing.

The short-sighted man has trouble seeing the intangible effects of giving but a man of faith recognizes both the need and the outgrowth of his actions.

“A man’s character is most evident by how he treats those who are not in a position either to retaliate or reciprocate.” ~ Paul Eldridge, Novelist

Giving expects nothing in return. Giving always requires sacrifice but when performed with a happy heart, it’s as close to God as we can get. It’s setting the ego aside, allowing us to experience the true joy of the moment. Such a return can’t be measured with the same scale we use in acquiring “stuff”. Giving brings the very rewards that we seek in acquiring our material possessions – unshakable peace and joy. Understanding the true rewards of giving is key to understanding how to give without strings attached.

How Do You Give?

Like anything done well, it takes practice to become good at giving. Anyone can give a couple dollars to the beggar on the street and while this is commendable, giving should be practiced daily. Look for opportunities to give and create opportunities to give when none are present.

Give of yourself. Mow your neighbor’s lawn after you finish yours. Drop some cookies off at a friend’s house. Take a trash bag out and spend an hour cleaning up the block. Send a random gift to a Facebook friend just because. Think on how you can create new opportunities to give. Dwell on it. You’ll be better for it and so will the world.

Giving means showing others how much they’re appreciated. It’s based in pure love. It doesn’t require money but it does require a time investment. Give with a cheerful heart. It makes all the difference. Expect returns like you’ve never seen before.

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