Remember what the internet was like in 1993? Modem-handshakes, AOL’s famous “You’ve Got Mail” and waiting a couple minutes for individual page loads. We were usually so fascinated by “the machine” that we didn’t even mind the inconvenience of how poorly put together the entire operation was running.

Anonymity ran wild. Instant message was “all the rage” and there wasn’t much else on the internet that worked quite as well as jumping in a chat room full of people and talking hours on end about the most impractical of topics.

This anonymity prompted one of the early, now famous comics by Peter Stein, originally published on The New Yorker.
classic dog comic

Fast-forward 20 years and witness the collapse of anonymity. Web technologies have increased to an almost unthinkable measure and show no signs of slowing down. The classic comic has been redone to reflect the modern state of browsing anonymously. Today, everyone knows everything about you on the internet and the has done well in illustrating the recent changes.
Classic Dog Comic Redone

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