Admit it. You don’t wash your hands every time you take a piss. If you’re flying solo in the bathroom and didn’t spill a drop, is there really a point anyway?

Okay… maybe you’re the guy who never misses a wash? Rather it’s #1 or #2, you won’t leave the bathroom without ridding your hands of any potential nasty, new germs picked up. You pride yourself on cleanliness, even when no one’s watching.

washing handsThe surprising truth of the matter is that rather you wash or not, the vast majority of all people are walking around with the same disgusting amount of filth and germs on their hands. A new Michigan State University study has revealed that only 5% of people wash their hands long enough to effectively remove germs.

How long does it take? The Center For Disease Control and Prevention advises that a full 20 seconds is needed. Have you ever washed your hands that long? If I had engine grease maybe, but a routine washing after a dump rarely runs over 10 seconds for anyone. In fact, the study revealed that after observing 3,749 people, the average hand-wash time was six seconds.

After getting past how truly creepy the study was, it’s more frightening to think about the guy making your lunch at the local deli. Since 50% of all food-borne illnesses are attributed to hands not being washed, and six seconds is proven to do zilch in eliminating germs, how comfortable can you be when indulging in that next meal at your favorite restaurant?

And those pot luck lunches at work? Yeah.. don’t even get us started.

20 seconds is a long time. Michael Phelps could swim five laps. You could cook 1/3 of a bag of Minute Rice. You could even send one of those annoying error reports to Microsoft in that time. Washing your hands that long and actually counting it out makes you realize that 20 seconds is just short of an eternity.

The point being.. Don’t expect a public trend of increased hand-washing to catch on anytime soon. As you travel down the road of life, just accept that 95% of the people you meet and shake hands have disgustingly, germ-infested digits. Eat less food in public places if it concerns you.

Be sure that you wash your hands longer because the other guy probably doesn’t even know the 20-second rule. It’s all the more reason that you need to know how to wash germs from your hands.

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