How to Make Your Three Year Old Daughter Very Happy

magic wand

happy girlIf you’re a man who one day finds yourself driving down the road to the tune of frantically screaming three-year old, here’s some advice.

First.. find out the source of her ear-piercing screams but make a mental note of the geographical location nearest the beginning of her tirade.

If another man’s experience proves to be your experience, there’s a very good chance your daughter just dropped a very beloved toy out the window. If she’s tired, expect those screams to be a tad bit louder than unbelievable. If you’re a man with a little girl, you likely have a very good idea of what I’m talking about already.

Through her panicked motions and mass hysteria, she’ll eventually convey that she lost her favorite something out the window. We’ll call it a “magic wand” for our story.

Unfortunately, you’re on a high-traffic road and can’t pull over. As much as you would love to ease your daughter’s distress, her safety is far more important. Being a good Daddy requires this knowledge.

As you arrive home, her wildly emotional and exaggerated reaction will slow to a steady sob. This won’t make it any easier for you. Big tears will stream down her face and no matter how much you try to bargain and promise to get her a bigger and better wand, she’ll grab her favorite teddy bear and hold him close while muttering that she can’t believe it.

Super-Dad to the Rescue

Being a Super Dad requires a bit of sacrifice but you made the commitment long ago to do anything for this perfect little gift from God. You start considering going back. What if you could find that wand? Is that even possible at this point?

It seems a slim chance but maybe Mom will agree to put the kids to bed while you get in your vehicle and travel to the place closest to your daughter’s most traumatic childhood memory.

magic wandMaybe you’ll arrive and find that the nearest place to park is nearly a mile away. You’ll get out and start walking down a lonely stretch of road, noticing  a great many more things sparkle in the night headlight of cars than you previously remembering before tonight.

After 30 minutes of walking, you might just see something in the distance that looks extra-sparkly, laying in the road about a foot from the side, the same side where your daughter lost her wand.

As you increase your pace and feel a sense of excitement, you will get to feel a greater joy than you would have ever imagined over finding a cheap, plastic $1 wand. It will compare to crossing the finish line in a marathon. But that joy is about to be increased ten-fold.

As you excitedly hurry back to your car and make the drive back home, you’ll find yourself hoping that this isn’t one of those rare nights when your daughter actually fell asleep on time. You’ll pull in the driveway and rush into the house and only slow your steps as you climb the stairs to her room.  You might decide to simply wave the wand in her doorway.

She’ll look up and those precious little eyes will open wide while her mouth is agape. She’ll rush to you with a smile as big and warm as the morning sun. The joy you both share will turn to elation. She’ll hug you like the hero you are and her eyes will fill with tears of happiness, something you may witness for the first time from your three-year old girl. She is her Mommy’s little girl, after all, and she is boundlessly beautiful.

When the whole ordeal is over, you may realize that you brought yourself as much happiness as her while experiencing the true meaning of love. Whatever your emotions in the end, one thing is for certain. This is how to make your three year-old daughter very happy.

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