on base percentageOn-Base Percentage (OBP or “on-base average”) is the single most important statistic for an offensive player in baseball. While batting average still gets talked about the most, the overall number of times a player gets on base should be the gauge used to measure success.

Consider that the best offensive players tend to get issued the most intentional walks. We don’t care if the player gets a hit or not. The most important thing is to simply get on base so that he has a chance to score.

OBP is simply the percentage of time that a baseball player reaches bases and it doesn’t matter how he gets there.

Here’s the standard calculation for computing On-Base Percentage:

(Hits + Walks + Hit by Pitch) / (At Bats + Walks + Hit by Pitch + Sacrifice Flies)

Some of the purists who still enjoying maintaining a score card throughout an entire game will likely enjoy calculating OBP with this formula. For the rest of us, there’s an easier way. Simply put your favorite ball player’s statistics in the On-Base Percentage calculator below and we’ll quickly take care of all the math for you. Enjoy your game!

To Calculate OBP:

An On-Base Percentage of .400 is generally considering superb. At just under 70 games having been played in 2013 so far, the Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals lead all teams in OBP with .348, .347 and .335 averages, respectively. Miguel Cabrera, Joey Votto and Shin-Soo Choo lead all individual players with respective percentages of .448, .436 and .428. Ted Williams leads all players with a lifetime .481 OBP.

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