shark swallowing swimmerGetting attacked by a shark can be a real downer. Shark attacks aren’t terribly frequent but they do happen. Since the year 2000, there have been 50 to 100 shark attacks every year (globally). The year 2000 saw the most shark attack fatalities at 11.

If you’re headed out to the beach for some leisurely swimming or surfing, here’s how to avoid getting attacked by a shark.

crossbonesDo NOT wear shiny jewelry. Jewelry can look like fish scales to a shark.. and sharks do enjoy eating fish.

crossbonesAvoid the areas between sandbars and steep dropoffs. That’s shark territory.. just deep enough for them to grab some quick and easy meals.

crossbonesStay out of the water during hours of twilight or darkness. These are the favorite times for sharks prefer to feed.

crossbonesDo not enter the water if you are bleeding or menstruating. Hopefully, no explanation is necessary.

crossbonesRemain with a group, stay near the shore and use shark repellent if you venture a good distance out. It mimics the smell of dead shark and works well.

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