How to Drink Water For Survival

running water stream

Getting lost in the wild can make for a bad day. If you want to survive, water is one of the most important necessities.

running water streamMake water a priority. The human body can survive a few weeks without food but three days is usually the limit without water. Adding poor conditions of extreme heat or cold will shorten those three days by a considerable amount.

Unfortunately, simply finding water in the wild isn’t enough. You need to purify your water. The human body isn’t used to drinking directly from streams or open pools of water. This means getting severely sick from bacteria or viruses if water is consumed without a purification process.

The first goal is to find water. Swarming insects and lush, green foliage is a sure sign that water is close. Find the source and look to create a shelter there. You’re better off remaining in one place while waiting for help, rather than walking in circles while completely lost.

After setting up camp, grab some water and prepare it for purification. If your resources allow, boil your water for ten minutes. That’s the standard for purifying water. Even if you only have an empty Coke bottle made of plastic, you can fill it full of water and put it in hot coals. The full water will keep the plastic from melting.

If you don’t have fire or a container of any kind, find a stream with running water. Lay down in a spot where water is rushing over rocks. Drink from the foamy part that is moving quickly. Don’t drink from any water that is standing still. That’s an opportunity for bacteria to gather.

Remember: When lost in the wild, nothing is more important to ensuring your survival than finding a good water source and getting plenty of water. Find your water source and stay hydrated for your best chance of survival.

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