How to Control Food Cravings at Night

Do you know what contributes to craving food more than anything else? Eating carbohydrates.

In a new American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, it’s revealed that sugary foods are the biggest culprits in creating food obsession. The more you eat, the more you want.

The solution? Eat foods higher in fat and protein. We’re not advocating a low-carb lifestyle. Carbohydrates have their place and especially for those who are integrating fitness into their lifestyle. Carbs carry glycogen into the muscles and provide instant fuel when you need it.

The solution is to limit the carbs with sugars. Eat low-glycemic carbs when you do eat carbs and don’t include carbs in every meal.

The study also reveals that not all people are susceptible to struggling with carbohydrate addiction. There are those individuals who can eat a big slice of sugary, chocolate cake and have no desire to continue eating sweets. Strange, but true.

If you do struggle with an addiction to sugary foods, you likely have an issue with insulin resistance. Take a few months to replace your usual sugary snacks with vegetables and fruits.

If you find yourself craving sweets more in the evening, eat all your sweets in the morning or early afternoon and finish your meal with vegetables and a meal high in healthy fats. This is the best way to curve your ongoing appetite for sweets.

Curing insulin resistance means stabilizing insulin levels and clearing the sugar out of your system more efficiently while allowing you to burn fat faster. It’s an ideal environment for a healthy body.

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