Bromelain is yet another enzyme that is quite beneficial to the body but rarely talked about. It’s primary benefit is for thinning the blood and this helps the heart and circulatory system to work more easily. There is evidence that a more viscous blood equates to a higher chance of heart disease or even stroke.

Bromelain is also beneficial for an increased immune system. It fights inflammation, which we just recently discussed as being the leading cause of prostate problems. It also helps with digestion, breaking down meat proteins more efficiently, and all inflammation related conditions, such as chronic arthritis.

While a person can have too much bromelain, it’s rare and most people simply need more.

[title type=”h2″]How to Get More Bromelain[/title]
While the pill form of bromelain is a popular choice, the primary source of bromelain is pineapples. If the pineapple hasn’t been a mainstay of your diet, you might reconsider. It has many exceptional benefits.

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Pineapples are rich in Vitamin C and Manganese and contribute to your daily allowance of fiber, as well.

The pineapple can also boast of being the only fruit to have a anthelmintic effect. Say goodbye to those intestinal worms and hello to better overall digestion of your foods.

A Pineapple Bromelain Recipe

A great Pineapple recipeLove your pineapples but never tried getting creative with them? Here’s a quick and easy pineapple recipe you’ll love.

Preheat your oven broiler and melt 2 tablespoons of coconut oil with natural honey and cinnamon. Put the mix on four pineapple slices and place the dish in your broiler, about five inches from the hot spot. In a mere five minutes, you’ll have a delicious dessert to your any main entree.

If cooking isn’t your thing, pineapples are great in raw form and best when bought from a local farmers market. They provide some of the sweetest tasting juices around. However your like them, eat your pineapples and make sure you get enough bromelain in your body.

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