“Man Boobs” are not the same as Gynecomastia (commonly referred to as “gyno”). If you’re concerned that you may have gyno, the chances are that you have man boobs. Very few men actually have gynecomastia, but after severe weight loss efforts, many men are fooled into thinking this is the case.

Man Boobs

aromatase excessMen produce testosterone. There is an enzyme in the body called aromatase. This enzyme is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. When an excess of aromatase occurs, you need to take action to reduce it.

Fat is the number one contributor. Obese men tend to have much more estrogen that their lean counterparts, as aromatase is stored in fat cells. Reduce your body fat levels and you’ll see your moobs go away in almost all cases.

Unfortunately, there are individuals who have stored aromatase so long, that even after losing a great deal of weight, the moobs remain. For these men, incorporate the following practices into your daily life and watch those moobs melt away.

* Do NOT drink beer. Beer promotes estrogen in the body.
* Eat a better diet, with less sugar and more protein.
* Consume a plant extract known as DIM. This is an estrogen modulater that draws estrogen out from the body and is proven to work.
* Increase your zinc consumption. The zinc mineral is a known anti-aromatase that helps your body to use it’s testosterone as it’s designed, whether than promoting aromatase into estrogen.

Gynecomastia is a hardening under the nipple that is caused by an imbalance of testosterone when going through puberty or taking extra testosterone (often the case with body builders).

There is nothing that can get rid of gyno except surgery but getting rid of moobs just requires a bit of time and effort.

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