How to Know Which Eggs You Hard-Boiled

Hard-boiled eggs make for a great snack or just a really easy meal. For this reason, guys like to cook a bunch at once. Then again, maybe it just feels strange to cook only three hard-boiled eggs. Either way, there’s extra eggs that need to go back in the fridge.

Now comes the problem. Do we grab a large bowl and wrap them separately? It’s so inconvenient and we kind of need that space for our left-over pizza and beer. So how about the original egg carton? It’s just sitting right there and it’s so cleverly crafted to hold our hard-boiled goodness.

The dilemma, of course, is that we’ll almost certainly be out to make some eggs over-easy in the coming mornings and realize that got our eggs all mixed up when pulling that case of beer out behind them the night before.

No worries. There’s a simple solution. Simply add two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar to your water whenever you get the urge to eat those hard-yolked embryonic homes. The vinegar creates a slight color change in the shell without changing the taste of the eggs in any way.

Balsamic vinegar in short supply? Another solution is to throw in some red onion-skins. They even add a bit more flavor, if you’re an onion lover.

And finally.. if you forget to add any ingredients and find yourself wishing for an easy way to make the distinction after you cook your eggs, you could opt to simply mark them with a pencil or permanent marker.

No more egg confusion. Hard boiled eggs are great anytime but then again, so is a perfectly grilled steak.

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