How to Keep Mosquitoes Away With a Fan

Those family outdoor get-togethers always sound like such an attractive option when you’re planning them. “We’ll play some horseshoes, barbecue some burgers, drink a few brewskies and laugh into the evening hours. What could go wrong?”

Mosquitoes suckEnter the mosquito. The little bastards can turn a perfect evening into a memorable event, for all the wrong reasons. Your guests will spend their time swatting and scratching and secretly negotiating the appropriate amount of time they have to stay before politely excusing themselves.

How can you ensure a mosquito free evening?

Those mosquito repellent coils might look appealing to purchase but unfortunately, they’ve been proven to work no better than a standard candle giving off a minimal amount of smoke. There’s also citronella tiki torches, ultrasonic devices and spray-on repellents. All such deterrents will provide a minimal amount of protection at best.

Your best bet to ward off mosquitoes? A simple fan.

We recommend that fan-generated wind should be pursued as a practical means of protecting humans or pets from mosquitoes in the backyard setting.
~Department of Medicine, University of Chicago

A 2003 PubMed study looked at the effects of wind suppression on mosquitoes and determined that it was indeed, a practical solution to preventing the bothersome insects from ruining your soiree. confirms that the fan is a great low-tech solution, stating the flying speed of mosquitoes to be only 1 to 1.5 mph. They simply can’t withstand the wind currents created by a typical fan blowing.

Anything else you want to know about the bothersome mosquito? Find out more than you’ve ever wanted to know about mosquitoes at the FAQ page.

It’s time to add a few fans to the deck party. Buy an oscillating overhead fan and strategically place a few smaller ones at sitting level and you’re back to having the summer backyard party that you envisioned. Your guests are sure to thank you and will be certain to return.

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