How to Keep Warts From Returning

Verruca vulgaris is the scientific name for the common wart. It would also likely make a great name for your local rock band.

What it’s not, is a pleasant experience for anyone who has had issues with the skin growth and especially when the growth is recurring and returns after being removed.

From Grandpa to your Mom’s lips, duct tape has long been rumored to be an effective treatment for warts but is there any truth to this?

It turns out that mans best “fix-it” tool is a truly effective means of preventing warts from returning after being removed.

Duct tape can safely remove wartsA research study was conducted on a group of children and teens using both duct tape and cryotherapy to remove warts. Cryotherapy is the traditional medical approach of using liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart off. It’s often repeated on a bi-weekly basis for full effectiveness.

The duct tape approach to this study included covering a wart with the tape for six straight days, applying a new piece if the tape was lost or accidentally removed.

After six days, the youngsters were to soak the wart in H2O and rub it with pumice stone. The next morning would see a new piece of duct tape applied and this was repeated for two months straight.

The results?

The duct tape group saw better results than the group using the traditional cryotherapy method of wart removal. 85% of duct tape users “had complete resolution of their warts” compared to 60% of those in the cryotherapy group.

While many individuals may find this amazing, we suspect there’s a lot of guys that are shrugging it off as nothing surprising, having already disovered the spectacular power of duct tape many years ago. Is there nothing this stuff can’t do?

This article was based on information published in: Dean R. Focht III, MD; Carole Spicer, RN; Mary P. Fairchok, MD: Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine 2002;156:971-974.

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