How to Power Your Mitochondria

Is there a way to boost your metabolism and have more energy every day? It’s a common question and asked more often after about the age of 40. That’s when metabolism starts to decline and energy levels play a more significant role than ever before.

Your body cells number in the 100 trillion range. Each one of the 100 trillion cells holds around one billion ATP molecules and these molecules are the energy of the cell. That’s about one sextillion (1023) ATP molecules in your body, if you’re trying to do the math. Mitochondria are found in the cells and house the ATP that fuels your body.

ATP is primarily constructed from the food you eat and it’s recycled to a ridiculous degree. While the total amount of ATP in your body is around 50 grams, a typical 2500 calorie day will be recycled to a net of nearly 400 lbs (Kornberg, 1989, p.65).

When Energy Levels Decrease

So what’s going on when energy levels decrease with age? You can actually chalk it up to many variables. A study on metabolism found that older adults fail to regulate energy as efficiently as they once did, due to hormonal and metabolic factors that naturally change with age.

The study further noted that energy imbalance was a naturally occuring phenomenon in older adults, even common to those living a healthy lifestyle.

How to Restore Energy Levels

Diet and exercise remain the most important variables in all aspects of health and fitness and they’re equally important when it comes to aging. While metabolism seems affected by age, it’s also affected by what you eat and how active you remain.

Consistency is best and if you’re someone who has always exercised and ate right, you’re in an elite group. Most older adults will turn to a healthy diet only after suffering consequences that force them to do so. A consistent approach from the start will yield the best results.

If you’ve recently turned to diet and exercise, there is unmistakable evidence that an already slowed metabolism can see a significant improvement with a new focus on a healthy lifestyle.

CoQ10 is the best supplement for powering mitochondriaTry to resist common diets and understand that the greatest metabolic benefits can be achieved through eating a bit more than your body requires and then exercising enough to create a caloric deficit. This allows an ample supply of nutrients to enter the bloodstream and helps increase ATP production.

A final step in powering your mitochondria is proper supplementation. One of the best mitochondria supplements on the market is CoQ10. It’s increasingly encouraged for adults who take statins (cholesterol medicine) or suffer from any kind of heart disease.

CoQ10 is a great idea for anyone to take but if you do take statins or suffer from a heart condition or even cancer, it’s a “must have” supplement.

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Take care of your mitochondria. It’s the most important factor in overall health, staying young and staving off diseases.

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