Get on the shelfTrying to get your product on the shelves at your local Walmart? That’s typically a pretty difficult task but a new Walmart contest is helping out. Any individual or business now has the opportunity to cash in on the Walmart crowd and hit the fast track to becoming a self-made millionaire.

In the past, getting Walmart to sell your product was pretty near impossible. You needed to submit all of your business information and business financial record to even get the ball rolling. Add to this a required UPC code for your product, required insurance liability, quality assurance standards and a proven business product complete with professional packaging and the average home-inventor can forget it. The costs simply add up too quickly.

Enter the Walmart Contest

Walmart has created a new website called Get on the Shelf and it’s giving anyone the opportunity to get a product in the retail giant’s store chain. As of today (July 1, 2013), any entrepreneur can submit an new idea to Walmart.

This requires a video demonstration of your product and the item you’re promoting must complement the current list of items being sold at Walmart. So while you might be better off taking your new jet-pack rocket boots in a different marketing direction, the field is wide open for home products such as electronics and clothing, that are innovative and clearly benefit the consumer in a cost-effective manner.

Walmart President and CEO, Joel Anderson, says of the contest, “Get on the Shelf taps into the spirit of American innovation and gives our customers a voice in selecting the products that will help them live better.”

This is the second time Walmart has opened this contest up to the public. Last year’s grand-prize winner was Humankind Water.

How the Winner is Decided

Walmart merchants will do the voting and narrow the field of submissions to 20 or less product finalists. At this time, a new web series will be produced and feature the products to millions of consumers. Five winners will come from this pool of submissions and these lucky finalists will get to see their products hit the Walmart shelves across the nation.

The grand-prize winner will come out of the pool of five winners and gets the crown by acquiring the most online pre-orders for the product being sold.

Want to get in on the contest? Watch the video over at Get on the Shelf or check out the Walmart blog for detailed information on the contest.

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