Trying to explain the “red badge of courage” to your pre-teen daughter is a job best suited for Mom. Unfortunately, not every little girl has a female she can turn to for advice on body functions.

A new company named HelloFlo just might take all the pressure off Dad. They’re offering a new ‘Period Starter Kit’ to help both parents and girls ready themselves for changes that puberty brings “in a fun and informative way”.

If you don’t think the topic of menstruation could ever be coupled with “fun”, check out the new advertisement the company just released (posted below). It features a 12 year old who embraces her new changes and presents them to us in a very humorous way. In the past, tampon commercials just make the viewer feel weird and awkward but this little lady keeps us laughing the whole way through.

The HelloFlo website offers a monthly subscription service whereby a young lady can receive tampons, panty liners and even candy through the US Postal Service, and all timed to arrive before her monthly visitor does. Brilliant! Camp Gyno will never be the same.