Techonology is most beautiful when it helps us to overcome physical limitations. Eyesight probably ranks as high on the list as anything for bodily faculties we don’t want to lose.

If your eyesight isn’t what it used to be, it’s time to make a visit to the Optometrist. Eye doctors of today are able to help eyesight in ways only dreamed of just a couple decades ago.

LASIK eye surgery is the most popular eye surgery in America. With a 20-30 minute laser surgery that focuses on reshaping the cornea, a nearly blind person can often have sight fully restored. LASIK has gained much popularity as an alternative to wearing eye glasses or contacts.

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind wearing contacts, you’ll still benefit from technological advancements. Extended-wear contacts are now oxygen-rich, which means they don’t dry your eyes like the contacts of old. The silicone hydrogel material of today also ensures that bacterial infections are kept at bay, due to the extended air flow to the cornea.

Many people that wear contact lenses do so to correct astigmatism, which is a defect in the eye that prevents a person from clearly focusing on an object. Custom contact lenses are now created specifically for astigmatism and new technology even eliminates the blur when you blink.

Eye Problems After 40

For whatever reason, 40 has long been the “magical” number when most adults start to experience new eye issues for the first time. Technology to the rescue again.

Bifocal and multi-focal lenses are far better than decades past. Have a problem with seeing distance that feels as though it’s occurring only in one eye? There’s a lens for that. Mono-vision contacts have become increasing popular as many adults face challenges with single eye issues.

Reverse-geometry lenses can fix a myriad of eye issues in Post Lasik patients by actually reshaping the cornea.

Eye doctors are our friends. If you are having the slightest problem with your vision, act early by paying a visit to your eye doctor and leaving the reservations at home. Eye technology has come a long way and it’s a truly amazing thing to once be blind and suddenly see everything again.

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