Caught the Discovery Channel’s new Naked and Afraid reality show yet? If not, you’re missing one of the few worthy reality shows on TV (very few in fact).

The show teams up a man and woman for each episode and dumps them in the middle of remote regions, fraught with peril and danger, including extreme weather environments.

naked and afraid woman survivalistThe two survivalists must complete a 21 day mission and they’re only allowed one personal item for their journeys.

That’s right.. one item means they’re buck naked and without food and water. It’s quite laughable to see the man and woman making nude introductions at the beginning of each episode.

In several of the episodes, food becomes so scarce that the contestants seem like they barely have enough strength to perform the simplest of tasks.

And if there’s any question of the true danger in these remote places, one has to only look as far as Executive Producer, Steve Rankin, who was snakebit while scouting a location in Costa Rica for an upcoming episode.

We’re hoping to never see a reality show be the reason that a person dies but we can’t help but root for survivalists on an extreme show such as this, testing the limits of the human spirit and conquering the most absurd challenges ever seen on prime time. Pass the popcorn. The next episode’s about to start.

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