How to Dig an Indian Well

If you ever find yourself naked and afraid, in the middle of a remote jungle and in search of water, we’ve got a solution you’ll want to remember.

Water is the first priority when you find yourself lost in the middle of nature. You have roughly three days (depending on the conditions) to hydrate and a couple weeks to find food.

Unless you’re in immediate danger of having to defend yourself against a tiger attack or something equally as perilous, all of your energy should first be directed towards finding water.

Dry jungleDigging an Indian well is a survivalist skill that surprisingly few reality show survivalists seem to know about and we’re stumped by that. In a desolate, dry jungle, you should know all your options.

Most will preach the importance of not drinking straight from a stream and we’ve even witnessed an episode where one individual was so thirsty, he tried to defy the odds. Several days later, he was hospitalized and in need of medical attention.

Listen up, survivalists. There’s an easier way of getting water than taking a chance on drinking polluted water.

An Indian well can be created in about 15 minutes and near any body of water. It’s simply a hole you dig several walking steps away from the main body of water.

Look for level ground and green vegetation near the water’s edge. Take two to four long strides until you’re standing in the middle of the greenery. Start digging. You can even accomplish this without tools as your hole need only be about a foot wide and six inches below the main surface water.

Once you hit water, the hole will start to fill. Don’t dig any deeper as a slow-filling hole is ideal. When it’s near full, reach down and remove the water by cupping it with your hands and quickly dispensing of it on the nearby ground. Do this twice and on the third fill, you have clean water, filtered by the lush, green vegetation. Drink up and have no fear of getting sick.

In the wild, all water contamination is caused by animal excretion. Urine and fecal matter can turn fresh, clear water into a lethal drink. By digging your hole away from the water and allowing it to be filtered, your water source is as safe as any natural spring.

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