How to Make Physical Therapy Easy With an Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Anyone who has ever suffered an injury worthy of rehabilitation knows that traditional physical therapy often requires suffering through a modest amount of pain. A knee injury or ankle injury requires a lot of “weight-bearing” exercises that bring about more than simple discomfort.

Enter the Alter-G Anti-Gravity treadmill. It’s the first treadmill of its kind and it allows for weightless walking and the best in patient rehabilitation.

The FDA has already approved the treadmill and it’s being endorsed by professional athletes and even astronauts.

Anti-gravity treadmills are becoming popular for rehabThe treadmill resembles traditional models but definitely looks as though it’s built for the future. Visualize what Buck Rogers would use after an injury.

The lower body is completely encased in a balloon-like compartment and unlike the traditional treadmill, there’s no fear of falling off the sides or slipping.

Rather you’re interested in the Alter-G for rehab or exercise, it’s a novel idea that you’re likely to see in a store near you very soon. Running is finally pain-free, for the first time ever.

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