How to Power a Flashlight With Your Hand

Ann Makosinski

Ann MakosinskiIs it possible to create a portable light source that requires no batteries or electricity and all power is generated by your body heat?

At 15 years of age, YouTube’s Queenie Andini has created a thermoelectric flashlight that satisfied all these requirements. The flashlight was her entry into the Google Science Fair, which won Ann Makosinski a $50,000 scholarship and a trip to the Galapagos Islands. With a completely hollow inside, the energy is created

While the amount of light produced is minimal, the technology can be improved. Can we see a brighter future where batteries might even be eliminated?

If that seems far-fetched, we’d like to remind you of a time, no so long ago, when the 486 processor powered the computing world.

Here’s Annie presenting The Hollow Flashlight.

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