How to Decide Between Crossfit and Weightlifting

So you’ve made the decision to be healthier and more physically fit. You’ve committed to eating better and now you’re trying to nail down the best way to workout. What’s going to give you the best body?

300 the movieJogging or hitting the cardio machines may help you to burn a few more calories, but you’re more interested in looking like any of the guys from 300.

Should you automatically resign yourself to the latest trend of doing CrossFit or should you start weight-lifting?

The answer, of course, lies in your specific goals.

When people think of getting in shape, they very often fail to establish exactly what they want to accomplish.

Do you want to get more muscular? More muscular and lose fat? Just lose fat? Do you just want to be in better shape (a person can easily look worse but get in better shape)? Do you want to just be a healthier version of you (this may not change body composition at all)? Do you want to see how strong you can get?

When you have made a conscious decision to change something regarding your health and fitness, find a few moments to write your specific goals out and hang them up in a place you can read them at least once a day.

CrossFit Vs Weightlifting

guy working out
Diet is still the key here and it’s the most important thing in achieving any goal. You can be CrossFit Champion of the World but if you’re eating too many calories and not particularly healthy ones, your body is not going to change significantly.

The same is true for weightlifting. How many times have you seen those guys in the gym with big arms and even bigger guts? They live at the gym, flex daily in the mirror, but it’s clear that exercise isn’t enough to shake all that fat off. Diet is the key. Cardio isn’t needed at all if you’re trying to lose fat.

CrossFit is a tremendous way to become more fit and for most people, it wins this contest (but not all). CroffFit gyms will continually introduce new lifts and workouts and you’re guaranteed to get your cardio in while applying some good resistance to your muscles.

There are weight-lifters who will match the cardio in CrossFit and maintain all the same benefits. While most gyms are full of guys that do a set and then wait nearly five minutes for the next, there are always the occasional few that power through the barbells and give themselves a minimimal amount of time – such as 30 seconds – between sets.

Going low-rep, lifting each set until failure and giving yourself 30 seconds rest will kick your ass. While most weightlifters could not keep up with CrossFitters, most CrossFitters would also fail to keep up with a weightlifting workout such as this.

You excel at that which you practice the most. Crossfit is going to improve your cardio-vascular conditioning for certain, but even if your tops at the gym, going out and trying to play soccer for the first time will leave you winded and lying on your back while the everyday soccer players laugh under their breath.

CrossFit is a more social event. You compete against others (or yourself) for time and you get recognition for your achievements. Weight-lifters just get “the pump” and the ego boost that comes from other guys saying, “Looking big, bra!”

man's physiqueIf losing fat is the goal, and assuming diet is identical, CrossFit is probably going to serve you better. This also assumes that a weight-lifter isn’t doing any extra cardio and is simply pounding the iron for all his workouts.

The extra caloric deficit created by the cardio that CrossFit provides should have a greater effect on lipolysis. Muscle resistance with adequate protein is all that’s required to not lose muscle mass while in a deficit and this is far different than trying to gain muscle.

If the goal is increasing muscularity or just looking more muscular while losing fat, weight-lifting is the winner. Nothing is going to increase mass better than the barbell. It’s the ultimate way to achieve hypertrophy or hyperplasia, the only two ways muscle can grow. The greater amount of weight placed on your muscles, the more potential for overall development.

If you’re goal is simply to improve strength, weightlifting is the clear winner over CrossFit.

Who’s the Most Annoying?

Since you’re going to venture into the land of fit-tards, you should take into account the culture that each group manifests. You might someday become like these people so at the least, you should be aware of what their greatest faults are.

CrossFitters are the most annoying people to have as Facebook friends. They’re always posting about how great the sport is, posting videos of themselves training, posting quotes they believe to be inspiring and they tend to believe that nobody else sweats or works hard because they’re not in a CrossFit gym for 60 minutes every evening.

Note to CrossFit person: We don’t care who can do 100 box-jumps the fastest. We never will.
Jim Gaffigan

Weightlifters are the most annoying while at the gym. What’s with the overly-fat guy that just won’t quit posing in the mirror?

Note to fat weightlifter: We see you as fat because you are – not the muscled up guy you see because you can make your biceps appear slightly larger when flexing, pumped and turning just right in the light.

There’s also the weightlifters who wear the tank-tops because they think they look good in them. There’s the guys who grunt and throw weights, believing themselves to be the first ever to do six reps of 90 lbs. There’s the guy who obviously had too much protein and thinks that moving from place to place will keep him from being identified. He’s wrong.

You’ll have to let us know who you think the most annoying is because clearly, when you get a large amount of testosterone and sweat in the same place, fit-tards are gonna’ happen.

Whatever sport you choose, make a decision to stay humble and you won’t ever have to worry about being either of the above guys. In the end, both will give you great fitness results and the most important thing is that you’re just doing something.

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