How to Understand the BODY BY Vi Scam

The Body By Vi™ ScamDo BODY BY Vi™ Shakes work? Do they help you lose weight?

As a supplement, it’s certainly nothing special. There are far better protein shakes on the market. It’s a very average whey protein source that will serve you no better than the cheapest protein shakes you can find at your local WalMart.

Whey protein aside, there’s some very bad ingredients in these shakes that you would be far better off never consuming. Let’s look at the ingredients:

Protein Blend of (Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, and Whey Protein Concentrate), Digestive Resistant Maltodextrin (Fibersol™), High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Natural and Artificial Flavor, MCT Oil, Maltodextrin, Gum Acacia, Xanthan, Sodium Caseinate, Lecithin, Aminogen™, Mono & Diglycerides, DiPotassium Phosphate, Sucralose

#1 – Soy protein promotes estrogen. Ask any body builder if they prefer whey or soy and almost all will tell you to stay away from soy based proteins. They make you gassy and don’t promote muscle synthesis as much as whey. They’re also widely known as a cheap source of protein.

#2 – Fibersol™ is a spray-dried powder form of fiber constructed from cornstarch… the same thing high fructose corn syrup is created from. It’s man-made and it’s something you should avoid.

#3 – Sunflower Oil is loaded with omega-6 vegetable oils. These vegetable oils are used because they’re cheap and inexpensive for mass production. They’re bad for you though and not a good source of fats at all.

#4 – Natural and Artificial Flavor is a kind way of saying “MSG”. Check out the list of MSG poisons and you’ll notice that several are in the ingredients of Body by Vi shakes.

#5 – Sucralose is responsible for sweetening the shakes. This is the same chemical compound used in rat poison. Hope that sweet taste is worth it.

In fairness, this is the kind of crap you’ll find in just about any protein shake on the market. There are very few using all natural ingredients which is why it’s simply better to eat “real food” and only use supplements and shakes when you simply can’t eat a healthy meal.. or better yet, learn to fast and enjoy far more benefits than drinking poison everyday provides.

When it comes to weight loss though, it’s not about these magical shakes or any other supplement for that matter. It’s simply a matter of eating less every day and learning to limit your calories. Add in some free weights and you’ll see muscle added to your weight loss.

About Body By Vi™

Body By Vi™ is the latest big player in the world of weight loss and nutritional shakes. You’ve likely heard of them by now because someone (or several people) in your facebook timeline won’t stop annoying you with “why you should buy” posts, promoting the shakes as the saving grace of Fatville. Simply drink them on a regular basis and your waistline will reduce while all your health markers improve.. so they want you to believe.

Like every weight loss product on the market, if Body By Vi™ sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is too good to be true.

body by vi shakes are no better than average protein shakesBody By Vi™ shakes offer no advantage to any other protein shake on the market and the shakes offer far less nutrients than you’ll receive when eating more traditional meals including meats and vegetables.

MLM and BODY BY Vi™ – A fool and his money are soon parted.

Body By Vi™ has enjoyed great success through an expensive marketing campaign and an Amway-like pyramid plan that requires users sign up to receive the shakes and rewards them for selling products to their network of friends, families and contacts. It’s MLM (multi-level marketing) at it’s finest and it’s another example of providing wealth for a corporation while receiving little in the way of reward and lots of promises for the future.. for the majority. The other end of the curve will always see a few people achieving great success but that’s typically due to having a larger audience to sell to.

There’s even a BMW promised to you for achieving $25,000 a month in sales. Don’t drop below that $25,000 a month though or it’s bye-bye BMW and you’re now responsible for the loan because you broke the TOS.

If you’ve worked hard enough to make $25,000 in sales, you’re a fool for not creating and selling your own product. That’s a crap-ton of money you just worked your ass off to make.. for someone else. This is the way MLM works though and it’s the strange trade-off willing to be made by those with an entrepreneurial spirit but without the ability to think for themselves. Mary-Kay representatives have been selling makeup for years and doing this.

The signup fee for being a distributor and annoying all your friends repeatedly ranges from $49 to $999 in the first month. The $499 option is the most popular and the $999 option is to mainly make this one look more attractive. It allows for product samples, incentives, bonuses and it’s the minimum option necessary to be in the running for a new BMW and join the ViSalus Bimmer Club.

The MLM and BODY BY Vi™ Math

If our assessment of BODY BY Vi™ sounds harsh, it’s because we’ve seen the results. On one hand, there’s the real-wife husband/wife team of personal trainers who are both sporting new BMWs and professing the BODY BY Vi™ life to anyone and everyone who will listen. They tend to get people excited and sales are great. The system seems to work amazingly well for this couple.

Of course it does! Millions of people a day buy weight loss products and if you’re a licensed personal trainer recommending a product to all of your clients and promoting it as the ultimate source of protein and body-changing ingredients, you’re going to succeed. People start eating better when they start working out so they’ll naturally see improvements and they always tend to attribute new success to what they’re doing. In reality though, correlation does not imply causation and it seems a bit mis-leading to use your credentials to pump a product that is clearly inferior while promoting is as much more than it is… a very average shake used to replace real food calories.

Now let’s look at the average person trying to sell the shakes. You sign up for $499 and get your well-crafted packet of marketing materials, some good-tasting shakes and start your workout program. You start telling all your friends about the program and decide to even hit up a few relatives. Nobody cares (because most people hate MLM programs and know that’s the basis of this) and you manage to talk one person into selling “under” you. This gives you a bit more zeal for another few weeks. You manage to get one other person on Facebook to sign up and you’re well on your way to a BMW.

But then a funny thing happens. You became the “ViGuy/Girl” and you can tell that nobody cares at all about your product. They’ve seed your posts and aren’t interested. Your new website is getting about five hits a month through Google and it’s a waste of money. Now you’ve got to pay a little more money to “stay active” as a rep who isn’t selling any product.

There’s a lot of detail in the Body By VI rewards program for affiliates so read up before jumping in. You’re going to need to understand just how many sales are necessary to be successful and hopefully, you take an honest look at your sales potential before jumping on board.

As a weight loss tool, BODY BY Vi™ shakes could work as well as anything else. Seeing the scale drop is about limiting calories and keeping protein in your diet while exercising. Those are the most important things to do in weight loss. There will be a lot of people who use BODY BY Vi™ shakes while achieving weight loss and there will be people who use twinkies to lose weight.

On a positive note, the BODY BY Vi™ challenges will help some individuals lose weight as they need a reward system to be successful. If that’s you, have at it. But if you’re looking for a new business, we’d certainly advise you to look elsewhere.

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