We human beings have two types of body fat to worry about.

1) Subcutaneous fat – It’s the majority of all the fat in your body. It sits just below the skin and it’s the squishy fat you feel when pressing your skin together.

2) Visceral fat – This is the bad guy. He grows in the abdominal wall and surrounds all your internal organs. You can’t feel this fat through your skin as the ab wall encasing it is too firm. Too much visceral fat and you’re far more likely to clock out early.

visceral fatFat is fat is fat. All fat produces hormones but again, visceral fat is far worse in the cellular activity it creates and how it affects your mitochondria. We’re talking about type II diabetes, high blood pressure and cancers of all kind, just to name a few problems created by visceral fat hormones.

Needless to say, we need it gone – but if we can’t really feel it when pressing our skin, how do we know if we have visceral fat?

There are the expensive methods, of course. MRIs and CT scans will certainly reveal how much visceral fat you have but you might be after the poor man’s method of detecing visceral fat.

There are two tests:

1) If you are moderately overweight, you have some visceral fat but those with excessive amounts are men whose pants fit tight only in the waist.

2) If you are lean enough to see abs but your lower belly still protrudes forward, you have visceral fat.

Proper diet and exercise are key to losing visceral fat but it’s an ongoing battle. Make sure that exercise routine is part of your life and you stick with it until your dying day. Stay away from cigarettes, get plenty of calcium, sleep often and eat the right foods.

Insulin has little effect on visceral fat (how subcutaneous fat is affected) but visceral fat has more blood flow so it’s more responsive to catecholamines – fat burning hormones.

Diet is still important though. Your body usually won’t worry about visceral fat when there’s a great degree of subcutaneous fat so you have to eat right to rid your body of this toxic fat.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you have been working out, eating right and still have a seemingly large amount of visceral fat. While everyone knows that men typically gain more weight as they age, the amount of visceral fat you have is somewhat dependent on your genes as well.

But remember.. diet is best to rid the body of subcutaneous fat and exercise is best for attacking visceral fat.

Eat right, exercise and live long.

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