How to Lose Weight Eating Twinkies


Want to shed a few pounds without giving up the sugary treats you love? The How To Man Guide has long preached the all important necessity of daily calories contributing to your best weight loss results and here’s further verification. In short, how much you eat is more important that what you eat when it comes to shedding the pounds.

Mark Haub holding nutty barsToday, we’re taking a closer look at the experiment that Kansas State University Professor Mark Haub initiated. He cut overall calories while eating only Twinkies, powdered donuts, nutty bars and other sugary treats for 10 weeks and lost a total of 27 pounds in that period.

The experiment was focused on eating less and Haub limited himself to exactly 1800 calories a day.

A surprising byproduct of the diet was an overall improvement in cholesterol as well.

Don’t Let Food Control You

You control the food that determines your weight. This is the biggest takeaway that should be noted in Haub’s experiment.

While even the good professor notes that this likely isn’t the healthiest diet (as we can all agree), it’s still eye-opening for many to see that overall calories determine your weight more than any other factor.

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After finding the specific number of calories that allows you to maintain weight or drop slowly, work on getting a mix of healthy foods and tasty treats.

Nutrients are important as they contain all those cancer-fighting anti-oxidants that you need but it’s nice to know that at the end of the day, balance is the key to weight loss and staying fit.

Mix it up and enjoy life. Eat a few Twinkies.

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