How to Be a Breakfast Dad

Want to leave a lasting lifetime impression with the kids? Make them breakfast more often.

It’s a trend that happens more and more often. In fact, 64% of today’s Dads prepare breakfast for their kids more often than their own fathers did. Today’s Dad fixes breakfast for his kids primarily on the weekends.

Eating breakfast with Dad leads to great memoriesWhile many fathers go all out and routinely fix bacon, eggs, pancakes, sausage and more, the majority get the cereal and milk out. Cereal is the #1 choice for kids’ breakfast for one in three dads.

What’s Dads favorite breakfast foods? The most popular options are bacon & eggs, pancakes and waffles, respectively.

So what’s the advantage in Dad cooking breakfast? It leaves a lasting positive impression on kids, helping to strengthen the bond. Breakfast with Dad makes for special memories that stick with kids even late into adulthood. The smell of a breakfast like Dad used to cook will often have those memories rushing back and create positive emotions. It also helps kids to make better food decisions and eat healthier.

Cooking in the kitchen also means staying out of the fast-food restaurants more often for the kids. The biggest factor in how often kids eat fast-food junk for breakfast was found relative to the number of times Dad ate fast food.

Your kids are watching. Make good choices in everything you do.. including breakfast.

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