How to Catch a Buzz With Caffeine Spray

Had enough of trying to pep yourself up with high-calorie energy drinks? A new calorie-free method of overdosing on caffeine is on the way.

Sprayable caffeine is being marketed as “energy you spray on your skin”. It’s a new start-up on Indiegogo, set into motion by business entrepreneurs, Ben Yu and Deven Soni, and they claim that caffeine can give you the same “wake up” effect when absorbed through the skin.

Caffeine SprayThe spray is said to be a new patent pending formula “capable of permeating the skin barrier and entering straight into your system which allows you to energize more easily and conveniently than ever before”, according to the marketing video the start-up team has released.

If you want to grab a bottle, you can order now. Expect an average of 160 sprays per bottle.

You can order a starter bottle for $15 or grab four bottles for $45.

Start-up man, Ben Yu, is part of the “20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship”, a program created by former PayPal CEO, Peter Thiel, that rewards under-20, talented idea-men (or ladies) with $100,000 and a couple free years of school to pursue their projects.

Thiel Fellows are said to have “a passionate drive to transform the world for the better”. We’re not sure how caffeine spray is contributing to that purpose but at least Yu can stay awake a couple more hours every night while counting his money.

As for us here at the How To Man Guide, we’re just fine getting our caffeine from traditional sources. Some folks actually prefer sitting on the porch, watching the sun rise and enjoying the bold taste of a delicious cup of coffee.

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