How to Make a Better Apple Cake

A well cooked apple cake is a dessert like no other. It’s the perfect finish to any meal. This is one that you need to cook up and surprise the little lady with. She’ll dig and as her taste buds explode with delight, she’ll demand to know how in the world you learned to cook so good so fast.

There are a lot of apple cake recipes out there but this recipe is simply better.

Why you ask?


Guys love desserts but most of us aren’t huge fans of long recipes and heading to the store with a lengthy list of ingredients to pick up. It’s at this point it just all becomes too much. We’ll be just fine resigning ourselves to a few chocolate-chip cookies hidden in the back of the cabinet.

Well forget the long lists and confusing directions. This recipe is probably going to be the best tasting apple cake you’ve ever had and the only items you need to grab at the store are apples and a box of cake mix. You don’t even need to write that down.

Your Grandma likely made this for you, only back in the olden days, it was referred to as a Dump Cake. Forget the diet today. This cake is about enjoying a cheat day.

How to Cook Your Apple Cake

Apple CakeGet your 9×11 cake pan out and coat the bottom. If you have coconut oil, use it. It’s the best option for taste, but non-stick spray will suffice.

Slice up several apples, leave those peels on and cover the bottom of your cake pan.

Open the cake mix up and just pour the dry contents over all the apples. No adding ingredients, stirring or mixing. Couldn’t be easier!

Melt 1 ½ sticks of butter and pour it over the dry cake mix. Be sure to moisten all dry spots with the butter.

Bake  at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. It should look all bubbly when you pull it out.

Let’s recap

Just put dry cake mix over the fruit! Butter on top and that’s it!

You can do this!

Man Guide Healthy Tip: Dump the butter and use a diet citric beverage(sprite zero, etc) if you are watching fats or carbs.

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