Are you a dude who is seeing a bit of sag on the bottom of the arms? That wiggly flap will just keep increasing in size as we age if left to itself.

Arm sag is one of those things that remind us that we’re getting older, much like nose hair, ear hairs and hemorrhoids. None are too fun.

Everyone carries fat in different places. It’s part of our unique genetic makeup. Guys can carry the majority of their fat in their chest, arms, love handles and mid-section. Occasionally, the majority of fat cells will reside below the waist, but that’s usually more of a female problem.

How does a guy get rid of saggy arms?

If you’re someone who has recently lost a lot of weight, there’s a good chance that you’re seeing some bat wings on the triceps. It’s part of the process of losing weight.

Losing weight slowly is one method of minimizing arm sag. Rapid weight loss will definitely see an increase in arm fat if you tend to gain fat in the arms.

Skin is elastic and it needs time to snap back into shape.

man doing tricep dipsMost importantly, lift weights and build muscle. Muscle is the greatest defense against fat in all parts of the body. Muscle not only builds up the arm and hides fat – having more of it increases metabolism and helps burn fat all the time.

You don’t need a gym to work the triceps. Simply grab a chair, put your feet on another chair (or even on the ground) and press up down. Doing these tricep dips will strengthen your arms considerably and you only need the weight of your own body to see results.

Like so many things in life that are health and fitness related, diet and exercise are key to keeping the flab off your arms and looking your best as the years roll on.

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