How to Cure Depression by Drinking Wine

Depressed man

These days, it seems there’s a new study for just about everything. The latest study focuses on the link between depression and drinking a daily glass of wine.

The BMC Medicine study followed 5,000 adults over the age of 55 years old, for a period nearly seven years. No persons in this group were diagnosed with depression at the beginning of the study.

Lifestyle habits were examined and documented over the course of the study and by the end, it was noted that 443 people were clinically depressed.

As researchers examined the data, they noticed a link between alcohol and diagnosed depression.

Low-to-moderate drinkers had the lowest risk of depression, even when other variables were controlled for, such as diet, fitness lifestyle, smoking and marriage.

The heavy drinkers experienced the most severe depression, but the study indicates that the overall number of heavy drinkers was too low to provide conclusive evidence that heavy drinking causes depression.

The Anti-Inflammatory Qualities of Wine

Man sniffing glass of wineThis study feels a little bit forced. The methods of study as well as results could just as easily be a result of chance, but if it does hold true, what might account for wine being able to reduce depression?

Wine has polyphenol antioxidants and these substances are known to have neuroprotective effects, adding a layer of protection to cellular function.

This works by reducing inflammation in the body and inflammation is often espoused as the primary reason for all major illnesses and diseases, including cancer.

If the anti-oxidants in red wine are not responsible for reducing the tendencies of depression, it might be as simple as noting that wine-drinkers are typically more social individuals.

People who laugh more often and enjoy conversation with others have a way of not letting depression creep in and ruin life.

After all.. everything’s a bit more fun when you’re buzzed.

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