How to Get TV Programming For Your Dog

We’ll just say it up front. There are bad ideas and there are really bad ideas. DOGTV probably falls somewhere in the middle.

DOGTV is a new subscription based TV service for your dog. For the mere price of $4.99 a month, you can order a dedicated channel of programming that your pooch can watch any time boredom strikes.

That’s the idea behind the new startup at DOGTV. They hope to help out with dogs who suffer from boredom and anxiety while being at home all day.

Dog changing TV RemoteThe 24/7 channel will officially air next month on DirectTV. For just a few dollars less than your entire NetFlix subscription, your dog will now be able to enjoy visually stimulating images that promise to relax and ease tension.

Chief Executive of DOGTV, Gilad Neumann say, “It’s more than just entertainment for dogs. We are creating more of an environment. They are bored and many suffer from separation anxiety. What we are trying to do is to give dogs something to focus on in the background.”

Could it actually work and is it possible that a pooch-based TV subscription service could hold the interest of a dog long enough to justify a monthly fee to their owners?

It has been reported that technology advances in the television are getting more dogs interested in watching TV but we have to question the “attention span” factor of canines. It’s cute to see the family pooch perch up on two legs and take in a few images for a few seconds but those moments are typically few and far between. Even old reruns of Lassie don’t do much more than a slight tilt of the head before Spike realizes he has a tail he can chase.

Then again, we’ve never been able to understand why anyone has an interest in the Kardashian clan either (that’s pure Shih Tzu television), so maybe DOGTV turns out to be a big success. .

DOGTV may not be the end of animal channels either. The Tel Aviv based company responsible for putting this together is already looking ahead and considering a channel solely for cats as well.

Next up.. treatment facilities for insulin dependent canines who watch too much TV.

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