You know those special edition versions of games that manufacturers sometimes release to give the buyer an opportunity to “one-up” the other buyers?

The makers of the new Saints Row IV game have released the mother of all special edition games.

spy vs spyThere’s the Saints Row IV collector’s edition, which can be had for a mere $129.99 but that pales in comparison to the new “Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition” which carries a price tag of one million dollars. Only one of these is being released so don’t ride the fence too long!

A one million dollar price tag may sound like a pretty hefty chunk but consider all that you get:

  • An entire day of spy training
  • A hostage rescue experience
  • Seven nights for two at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC
  • Seven nights for two at the Burj-Al-Arab in Dubai (fourth tallest hotel in the world)
  • A shopping spreee with a personal shopper
  • A capsule wardrobe (we have no idea)
  • Plastic surgery (a true spy experience necessitates looking your best)

(you’re still wincing but don’t worry – it’s about to get much better)

  • A brand new Lamborghini Gallardo
  • A brand new Toyota Prius (because the Lamborghini ain’t enough?)

And finally…

  • A trip to space, courtesy of Virgin Galactic’s space flight.

We applaud the limited edition offering. The entire package consists of purchases that anyone can buy as individual items but by bundling them together in this huge “spy package”, they have successfully found a way to gain a lot of publicity for the new Saints Row IV game and if someone was silly enough to purchase, the game company stands to bank a few extra dollars.

We actually offer the same package here at the How To Man Guide for two million dollars and we’ll throw in a brand new 41-Megapixel camera phone.

The trip to space can normally be purchased through Virgin Galactic for $250,000 (there are currently over 500 people signed up for the next trip). The base model Lamborghini Gallardo goes for nearly the same price (slightly less or more based on options).

But still.. spy training and a hostage rescue situation? It’s hard to buy that kind of fun anywhere. Act quick though.. there’s only one available!

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